New Electrical Service Request

Determine which type of service you need:

Check with your contractor to determine if you need a full service extension or just meter installation and connection.

I am ready for a new meter to be installed
Submit requests for new service where only meter installation is required.
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Temporary to Permanent Service
Complete this form to move a temporary meter installation to its permanent location.
Temporary Service Request
Complete this form to install a temporary meter for electrical service that will not be used for more than 18 months.
Straight to Permanent Service
Complete this form to install a meter for electrical service provided to a permanent location.
I am ready to start discussions on a new overhead/underground service project
Submit request for new service installation that will require an extension to existing infrastructure.
I need to upgrade my existing service
Submit request for electrical service upgrades, including on-site generation, adding load & panel upgrades, relocation of facilities, and more.